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LUTHERIE 2020   The 22nd annual spring seminar for violinmakers Saturday May 9th 2020 10.30-16.30 Barnbygate Methodist Church, Barnbygate, Newark upon trent, Notts, NG24 1PX,  UK

**********EVENT CANCELLED**********

Luthiers sans Frontiers-UK

Violinmakers without Borders-UK

Www.lsf-uk.org          Registered charity 1168809

LsF-UK is the UK branch of a growing international network of LsF groups.

The mission of LsF is to provide training and expertise in the repair and maintenance of the violin family of instruments.

We recognise that music has an important role in fostering social development and in improving the life-chances of young people; especially in countries where there is political or economic difficulty.

Since 2008, LsF UK has undertaken 14 missions in Haiti, Ecuador, Afghanistan, The Philippines, Antigua and Uganda with more at the planning stage.

Our work has mainly consisted of 2-3 week missions. Teaching takes place at a partner music school or music camp.


Can you help us?

We need:-


We can give used strings a new life. We need undamaged, quality used strings (not the basic Chinese ones).

If you could sort them into ‘violin a’ cello ‘c’ etc that's really helpful.


Virtually any hand tools useful to violinmakers.

Old cello and bass bridges

We can adapt them for re-use or recycle them for all kinds of uses.

New Bow hair, bridges, pegs etc

Virtually any and everything has a use. (not tailpieces or shoulder rests)


We manage our expenses VERY carefully. Our biggest expense is airfares so we always need to  raise money.

You can donate via our website  or at LUTHERIE.